Protect your family with the Chick-a-Dee smoke alarm

Smoke alarms may be an essential home safety device but they are certainly not known for their visual design.  Here at last is a smoke alarm that breaks with convention.

The Chick-a-Dee® is an award winning photoelectric smoke alarm in the shape of a bird – an original take on the traditional smoke alarm.

The Chick-a-Dee’s great natural design works beautifully in both contemporary and traditional Australian interiors and of course it’s a fun and reassuring addition to kids’ rooms and nurseries.

Makes an ideal gift

Stuck for a gift for the person who has just about everything? Or maybe there’s a bird or animal lover in your life? This stylish device will not only look great but protect your loved ones into the future.

A great Christmas gift idea and perfect for posting as it weighs less than 500g including the packaging and a small postage box. Of course the Chick-a-Dee is the ideal gift for baby showers and parents fitting out nurseries and kid’s rooms.

The Chick-a-Dee is available for sale right now for $79.95 with free standard shipping within Australia.


Designer looks are one thing but it’s the Chick-a-Dee’s vital safety role that really places this product at a unique intersection of style and safety. Each year in Australia we hear of tragic fire incidents – many of which could have been prevented with a functioning smoke alarm.

The Australian Standards certified Chick-a-Dee is a great way to protect your family while also creating a unique talking point in your home. Best of all, photoelectric (optical) smoke detectors like the Chick-a-Dee contain no radioactive materials.

Award winning design

In 2006 multi-talented Dutch designer Louise Van der Veld and the Chick-a-Dee took out the ‘Mooi uit de brand’ design competition thanks to the product’s unique blend of design, innovation and social relevance.

The Chick-a-Dee was awarded the Bloggers’ Choice award at the New York International Gift Fair in 2012. “It’s a surprisingly clever and innovative take on a very utilitarian – and important – object that has never seen the love of good visual / industrial design,” Evan Orensten,

Following on the retail success of the Chick-a-Dee in Europe and North America, this must-have product is now available in Australia.


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